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We provide you the home of the future. Homes that adapt to technology rather than being controlled by technology. Each living space at space station embraces the usefulness and advantages of hitec feature such as biometric security, home automation, Wi-Fi accessibility, touch pad electrical switches etc to benefit the present day living standards. The apartments are fitted with automation facilities that set the lights, temperature, and music, to the individual’s preferences automatically. The resident can also view and keep a check on the parking lot or the children’s play ground from their homes via CCTV s to ensure their safety. The apartment are modern and contemporary in their design with maximum glass usage and French windows, 100% power back up to give you uninterrupted comfort, centralized LPG connection, bathrooms with accessories and laundry service e in the township South India’s first construction unique structure “S”. The total project be in S structure with 14blocks , 83 towers and 2182flats. S Structure will give 97% of ventilation and gives different views like 45 acres lake view behind the project, club house view and also city view….!! 20acres project in which only 4 acres is used for construction and remaining 16 acres for “Greenery & club house “. Club house is designed in 65000sft with 4 swimming pools in which one pool is separately for ladies, Restaurants, kitchens, multi-purpose halls, basket ball court, function hall and so many…!! Changing the era of construction, we are using a latest technologies like shear wall technology , French windows. We are giving the construction warranty of 150 years because of complete concrete construction there is no single brick used in it…!! There will be 1 side glass for every room so that you can enjoy 24/7 with beautiful nature views like lake views, club hose views and city view …!! Imagine the view of rain from one side glass from the top floor …its really amazing right…!! With in 5kms range : 5top international schools, 5top hospitals, outer ring road .



Rs 6000000

India | Andhra Pradesh | hyderabad

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25-07-2018 05:40:52am
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